Terminator Genisys: slot review

Terminator Genisys: slot review

"Old, but not obsolete." This is how the new film from the Terminator saga, "Terminator: Genisys", was presented in 2015. A title that now, in 2018 has been released as a slot machine by Playtech. Terminator, comes to complete one of the most fashionable characters in the decade of the 90s and, also, deserved its space between online slots.  

The fight in the future

The film begins in a future where John Connor - played by Jason Clarke - leads his army of humans in the final two rounds, to defeat the artificial intelligence Skynet in a definitive way and end the war.   But there goes wrong and John, after sending Kyle Reese - with Jai Courtney on paper - to 1984, to protect John himself and Sarah Connor - Emily Clarke (Daeneris Targaryen). This will remind many fans of the first film in the Terminator saga, so we will see Arnold Schwarzenegger, younger despite his age in the current movie.   The scene is like the beginning of the first film, except for the timelines, which have been somewhat readjusted. The evil Terminators chase Sarah and Kyle, who are helped by a Terminator called Pops, played by Schwarzenegger. Later, Sarah and Kyle will jump into the future, specifically during the Day of Judgment, in the near future that moved to the year of 2017.   After the leap in time, the two protagonists discover that Skyney has changed his name to Genisys and now has the blessing of the human world. A series of matches and revelations await all fans of the series, as usual, you have incredible special effects, action in abundance, and a lot of steel to destroy, by the protagonists.

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Jumps in time

The film, basically, solves some problems of time jump, by cutting the three decades, since the premiere of the first film in the Terminator saga. This means, the death of Kyle Reese in 1984 after making Sarah Connor pregnant, and also the farewell to the destruction of Los Angeles in 1991. Now, all that never happened.   Let's say that the film closes that loop of history giving the viewer the sensation, that this was parallel to reality.  

Almost 500 million Box Office

To make matters worse, the film directed by Alan Taylor under the script of Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier had a budget of more than 150 million dollars, of which managed to raise 440 million dollars in box offices around the world.   Therefore, the film confirmed that the Terminator fans missed a sequel to the saga, to see Arnold Schwarzenegger again in his most charismatic role in his history as an actor.  

Slots by Playtech

One of the largest software providers in the market, Playtech, managed to bring this year, the success of the box office to online slots. With "Terminator: Genisys" we will be a reliable version of what happens in the movie, with the incentive that you could become a millionaire with it.   This video slots has incredible graphics, with an image quality that few in the online gaming industry can achieve. In addition, you will have two free game modes that allow you to accumulate more profits without any cost to the player.   Now we review some of its most outstanding features: You will find real symbols of the film, such as teddy bears, rifles, robot parts, magnetic gloves, as well as the characters of the film (John Connor, Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor, Cyborg T-800 and, of course, Terminator ).   The Symbol of the Terminator is the one that can provide the most winnings to the players, since it gives x48 the bet getting 5 symbols in the same line of payment. You will find 4 types of wild symbols or Wild symbols in the game: Terminator Wild; T-1000 Wild; Gold Wild and the Genisys Wild - from a complete reel. Each will have its characteristics ranging from free spins, to multiply the value of the bet x2, x3 or x5.   Bonus Round "Terminator Car Chase": In this round, you can help Sarha Connor and Kyle Reese flee the T-1000. You must choose between 5 T-1000 symbols that will give you a cash prize up to 10 times the bet, or even a respin symbol. This round ends when you have completed all the T-1000 symbols on the screen.   Terminator: Genisys will have two free bonus rounds, which you can get with 3 Scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. You can choose between 1984 and 2017, both based on the movie.   Free Round of 1984: In this round you will have 10 free spins. You will have to take into account the appearance of the T-1000 symbols that will become a multiplier, getting an x2, x3 or even x5. The attraction of the round is that these icons will remain unmovable from the reels until they achieve a winning combination. In addition, these will appear together, to give you greater profits.   Round of 2017: Already in the "future", you will also have 10 free spins and you will have to destroy the holographic projectors of each reel. At each turn, the gunman you'll find on one side will be in charge of them. As a result you will find a Wild symbol on one of the reels.   The online slot has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines. You can place bets between € 0.25 and € 2,500.   To make matters worse, Playtech has arranged the game so you can enjoy it on mobile platforms and tablets.  

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